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Generally, our aluminum granule products provide specific physical and chemical characteristics. Many applications are exothermic, i.e., the aluminum granule is consumed while producing heat.

The rate at which the exothermic reaction occurs is critical. This rate of reaction, or burn rate, is a function of the surface area to weight ratio. By employing thin gauge foil (.000XX") and controlling granule particle sizing, then blending into homogeneous products, our aluminum granules offer a variety of cost effective specification exothermic fuels.

Alternatives, such as atomized aluminum powder, typically are more expensive and require finer particles to achieve equivalent rates of reaction. It is generally accepted that finer particles of aluminum can increase handling hazards.

Our products offer important chemical characteristics as well. Aluminum foil is a high purity alloy. Our rigid quality system assures high purity specifications with a complete representation of trace elements. See Technology.

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