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Laminated Aluminum Foil

Laminated aluminum foilLaminated aluminum foil, containing a minimum of 18% aluminum (by weight) with a .000XX" gauge, represents our main feedstock. Truck load quantities of bales, rolls, or sheets are acceptable. LTL quantities can also be negotiated.

We operate our own tractor trailers and access a network of carriers to optimize transportation efficiency. Both processing plants have railroad service.

We process all scrap for the sole purpose of reclaiming aluminum. All traceable identification of the scrap is completely destroyed during processing thus protecting generators from any unauthorized use of their product.

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), representative samples, and an estimated annual generation is generally the only information required for our evaluation.

We believe our company provides a responsible and economically smart alternative to any other method of disposal. Please let us know how we can participate in recycling your waste stream.

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